A No Trespassing sign by Pastor Ed Young

Here is the result of a controlling parent.  Two blanks in your outline.  The result, domination or rebellion will be the results of this.  Your child will feel dominated and I am talking about children who are 25, 35 and 45.  They lack the courage to say to their parents, “Mom, Dad, I am a grown person, I am an adult.”  And they lack that courage and they feel dominated.  But one day, though, they will have had enough and they will have a kind of explosion.  Sometimes children just rebel.  At 21 they will rip the reins of control off their back and say, I’m going to do it the opposite way and they think, when they have their own personal property and their own deal and they just do the opposite of what their parents do, that that is really being independent.  And it tears them apart from this relationship that God wants to grow and to develop through the years.  A No Trespassing sign.  Watch the violations.

A third decision, and a final decision we have to make.  We have got to take responsibility for our property.  We have got to take responsibility for our property.  I love what I Corinthians 13:11 says, “When I was a child I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child.”  And I know a lot of baby busters who still like to talk and think and reason like children.  And they prefer the cocoon of parental protection over the reality of the tough and real world.  And they like staying at home.  They like that cash.  They like all the meals prepared.  They like the new clothes.  They like, they like, they like.  And sometimes the children make this call and the parents have done the best they can as far as launching them into the world.  I Corinthians 13 though says, “When I was a child I talked and I thought and I reasoned like a child, when I became a man (or when I became a woman) I put childish things behind me.”

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